When we visit your home, we always cover your appliances, keeping them clean and tidy.

Firstly, we switch your oven on to heat it up, which makes the cleaning process easier.

Then, we remove all the racks, trays, back panel and fan from your cooker and leave them in a special ‘dip tank‘ in our van, where they will be soaked in a heated water in a non-toxic, non-chemical solution of oven cleaning soap.

Whilst this is happening, back in your kitchen, we will remove your oven door to give us full access to the interior and also to allow us to thoroughly clean all the glass panels.

Once we’ve finished cleaning your oven, it’s back to the van to finish cleaning your racks and trays, which will all be returned to your oven, shining like new again.

The door will be refitted and you can use your oven immediately after the cleaning is done.

There will be no toxic smells to taint your food and we will leave your home as clean and tidy as it was when we first arrived.
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